8DN9 Switchgear up to 300 kV

       State-of-the-art performance and reliability requirements up to rated voltages of 245 kV and 300 kV are fully met by our 8DN9 type switchgear. It is one of the most compact designs available worldwide. This compact design has been made possible by use of improved insulating materials, optimisation of the enclosure form and utilisation of computer-aided design methods in conjunction with modern casting techniques and improved manufacturing technology. 

       The 8DN9's space-saving design, low weight, long operating-life associated with low operating costs contribute to making this switchgear extremely economical. Since the levels of noise and field emission (EMC) are extremely low, it is possible to integrate them even in sensitive environments, residential quarters and city centers. By virtue of these characteristics, our 8DN9 switchgear fulfils all the requirements for environmentally compatible high-voltage switchgear. 

Downloads :
- Leaflet GIS 8DN9 245 kv,  
- Leaflet GIS 8DN9 300 kV,  
- Standard Unit Double Busbar

 Reference : siemens (siemens\Power Transmission\High Voltage Substations\Gas Insulated Switchgear)

8DN9 Switchgear up to 300 kV


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