Air-insulated switchgear NXAIR

  • up to 17.5 kV / 31.5 kA / 2500 A
  • Type-tested, IEC62271-200, metal-clad, loss of service continuity category: LSC 2B; partition class: PM; internal arc classification: IAC A FLR ≤ 31.5 kA 1s
  • Air as insulating medium is always available
  • Evidence of the making and breaking capacity for the circuit-breakers and the make-proof earthing switches inside the panel
  • Single busbar, double busbar
  • Withdrawable vacuum circuit-breaker
  • Withdrawable vacuum contactor
  • Platform concept worldwide, local manufacturing presence
  • Use of standardized devices
  • Maximum security of operation by self-explaining operating logic
  • Maintenance interval > 10 years

Downloads :

- Catalogue,
- Flyer NXAIR

Reference : siemens (siemens\power distribution\Medium Voltage Switchgear\Air-insulated switchgear for primary distribution systems)

Air-insulated switchgear NXAIR


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