ANSI Dead Tank Vacuum Mechanical C.B. Type V

ANSI Dead Tank Vacuum Mechanical Circuit Breaker Type V
The Type V breaker is manufactured to the latest ANSI standards.
       ABB Type V vacuum circuit breakers are three phase devices designed for distribution systems rated 15 -38 kV. These breakers provide overcurrent protection with the reliability of vacuum interruption. All Type V breakers are air-insulated, dead tank designs, providing additional safety to operating personnel.

Nominal voltage class (kV)                        15 - 38   
BIL (kV)                                                 110 - 200   
Load current (A)                                    1200 - 2000   
Interrupting Current (kA RMS, Sym.)          25 - 40
Downloads :-
- Bulletin
- Leaflet
- Manual
- Product guide

Reference : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breakers)


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