ANSI / IEC Dead Tank Vacuum Magnetic C.B. R-MAG

ANSI / IEC Dead Tank Vacuum Magnetic Circuit Breaker R-MAG
Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Magnetic Actuator Mechanism 
       ABB is the first to combine the unique requirements of vacuum interrupter technology with a magnetic actuator designed to exploit these capabilities. Using a flux-shifting device with integral permanent magnets, the R-MAG mechanism has only one moving part. With simple open and close coils, an electronic controller and capacitors for energy storage, the R-MAG circuit breaker mechanism is capable of 10,000 operations. These are merely a few of the features that mark a departure from the conventional spring operated mechanism, introducing new capabilities and benefits for modern power systems.

Nominal voltage class                                 (kV)    15 - 38
BIL (kV)                                                         110 - 200
Continuous current (A)                                     800 - 3700
Interrupting Current (kA RMS, Sym.)                12.5 - 31.5

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Reference : ABB (  ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breakers)


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