eVD4 Circuit Breaker

eVD4 - Primary distribution circuit-breaker with integrated sensors and protection control unit
        The eVD4 circuit-breaker is a complete plug and play medium voltage electrical plant protection system. It is the evolution of the traditional concept of a circuit-breaker and, with a single device, carrying out the breaking, measurement, protection, control and communication functions.

       VD4 is equipped with Relion® technology based protection and control unit RBX615. The eVD4 also integrates combined current and voltage sensors.

       With this integrated solution, the MTTR – Mean Time to Repair – of the system managed by eVD4 is much shorter than traditional solutions. This makes the eVD4 the ideal solution for all installations where a high degree of continuity of service is required.

       The eVD4 is available in fixed and withdrawable versions for UniGear ZS1 switchgear and PowerCube modules.

       eVD4 is mechanically interchangeable with VD4 series circuit-breaker.

Rated voltage (kV)                           12     17,5
Rated current (A)                               up to 2000(*)    up to 2000(*)
Rated breaking current (kA)                up to 40    up to 40
(*) 2500 A please contact us.

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Reference  : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers)

eVD4 Circuit Breaker


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