eVM1 - Magnetic actuator integrated C.B. with sensors

eVM1 - Magnetic actuator integrated circuit-breaker with sensors, protection and control on board
       The eVM1 integrated MV circuit-breaker is based on the proven VM1 series of vacuum circuit-breakers with magnetic drive. Current sensors are fitted on the pole contact arms and current signals are cabled directly to the integrated electronic control device on board the circuit breaker. The electronic controller supervises all the circuit-breaker functions, monitors the whole panel status and controls its own functional reliability. A great reduction in wiring and interfaces is achieved since most of the panel functions are hosted on the circuit-breaker. Set of parameters for the protections, communication, etc., can be configured via software. Energy storage monitoring for Open-Closed-Open cycle, drive coil continuity and system readiness, incorrect positions or incongruous states for the circuit-breaker and panel switch-disconnectors provide advanced self-diagnosis for local signalling on HMI, through binary outputs with traditional wiring or over a communication bus.

Rated voltage (kV)                                     12                17,5      
Rated current (A)                                  ... 1250          ... 1250   
Rated breaking capacity (kA)                 ... 31,5          ... 31,5

downloads :-
- Catalogue
- Leaflet
- Manual
- Presentation
- Software

 Reference : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers)

eVM1 - Magnetic actuator integrated  C.B. with sensors


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