Vacuum C .B. VD4 with Spring Operated Mechanism - high duty

Vacuum Circuit Breaker VD4 with Spring Operated Mechanism - high duty
       The VD4 vacuum circuit breaker with spring operated mechanism is excellently suitable for switching of short-circuit currents, overhead lines and cables under load and no load, transformers and generators, motors, ripple control systems and capacitors - even in parallel.

Ratings :-
Rated voltage (kV)                                 12-24    36       
Rated current (A)                                    up to 4000    up to 3150   
Rated breaking current (kA)                     up to 63    up to 31.5

 downloads :-
- Brochure
- Leaflet
- Manual
- Poster
- Presentation
- Test report

Reference : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers)


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