Vacuum C. B. VD4/R with Spring Operated Mechanism

Vacuum Circuit Breaker VD4/R with Spring Operated Mechanism
       VD4/R are used in secondary MV distribution and in small transformer substations. They are available in fixed version with right-hand side operating mechanism. Circuit-breakers with rated voltage up to 24 kV can be fitted with current sensors and PR521 overcurrent release and can be used in unmanned substations without auxiliary power supply.

Rated voltage (kV)                                12 - 24
Rated current (A)                                  630 - 1250
Rated breaking current (kA)                   12,5 - 25

- Catalogue
- Circuit diagram
- Dimension Drawing
- Leaflet
- Manual
- Poster
- Presentation

Reference : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers)

Vacuum C. B.  VD4/R with Spring Operated Mechanism


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