Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 3AH3

       Circuit-breakers must make and break all currents within the scope of their ratings: From small inductive and capacitive load currents up to high short-circuit currents, controlling all fault conditions in the power system at the same time

       The 3AH3 vacuum circuit-breaker is maintenance-free throughout its entire service life. It is extremely powerful and controls up to 10,000 operating cycles. This circuit-breaker is used for high load currents up to 4000 A and high short-circuit currents up to 63 kA. It covers the common medium-voltage range from 7.2 kV to 36 kV..

      For generator operation and industrial applications the circuit-breakers 3AH37 and 3AH38 meet the requirements of IEEE Std C37.013 for load currents up to 6300 A and short-circuit currents up to 72 kA.

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Reference : siemens (siemens\power distribution\Medium Voltage Indoor Devices\Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 3AH3

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