Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 3AH37/38

       3AH37 and 3AH38 – reliable switching capacity for up to 72 kA and 6300 A operating current
       In numerous power stations around the world, the 3AH38 high-current and generator circuit-breaker has become the standard for switching rated operating currents up to 4000 A. The 3AH38 is the first 63 kA and 72 kA vacuum circuit-breaker in the world that has been type-tested in accordance with the criteria of the generator circuit-breaker guideline IEEE Std C37.013. With the 3AH37, Siemens is offering the first internationally available vacuum circuit-breaker for higher generator power capacities which can carry an operating current of 6300 A on a sustained basis up to 24 kV without forced-air cooling. In addition at 24 kV, it can handle short-circuit currents up to 72 kA. With forced-air cooling the 3AH37 can carry an operating current up to 8000 A.

       Modular high current and generator circuit-breakers from Siemens offer concrete benefits in everyday operation:
  • High mechanical stability through the column construction
  • Compact dimensions through vertical arrangement of the vacuum interrupters
  • Low fire load as solid insulation is not required
  • No forced cooling required because of free convection
  • Secondary equipment can be easily retrofitted
  • Maintenance-free throughout its entire service life
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Type-tested according to IEEE Std C37.013-1997
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- Brochure Generator Circuit-Breaker 3AH37-38

Reference : siemens (siemens\power distribution\Medium Voltage Indoor Devices\Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 3AH37/38


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