Vacuum Circuit-Breakers 3AH5

      3AH5 vacuum circuit-breakers control all switching duties in medium-voltage systems. They are applicable for operation of e.g. overhead lines, cables, transformers, generators, capacitors, filter circuits, motors and reactors. Here, small short-circuit ratings in distribution systems face high breaking currents in industrial systems.

       The 3AH5 vacuum circuit-breaker is a real all-round device in its field of application. With its compact dimensions, it fits in all customary switchgear types. The comprehensive variety of types with different normal currents up to 2500 A and short-circuit currents up to 31,5 kA as well as various pole-centre distances for voltage levels from 12 kV to 36 kV enables its universal application for all medium-voltage requirements.

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reference : siemens ( siemens\power distribution\Medium Voltage Indoor Devices\Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker)

Vacuum Circuit-Breakers 3AH5


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