VM1 - Vacuum C.B. with Magnetic Actuator - high duty

VM1 - Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Magnetic Actuator - high duty
       Vacuum circuit-breakers of type VM1 find universal applications in medium voltage range. Their innovative permanent magnetic actuator facilitates a drastic reduction in the number of parts, thus high reliability and sturdiness. An electronic controller with sensors monitors all the functions of the circuit-breaker and its own functional reliability. VM1 technology provides the optimum solution for extremely high number of switching operations including freedom from maintenance as a standard feature. 

Rated voltage (kV)                                            12                                17,5                       24           
Rated current (A)                                           ... 3150 (1)                   ... 3150             ... 2500           
Rated breaking current (kA)                                ... 50                           ... 40                 ... 25           
(1) Breakers for 4000 A with fan cooling.

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Reference : ABB (ABB/Medium Voltage Products & Systems/Circuit Breakers/Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breakers)          

VM1 - Vacuum C.B. with Magnetic Actuator - high duty


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