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Air circuit breakers can be used both as circuit-breakers for general protection (of plants, of user complexes, of electric lines) and as protection circuit breakers of electrical machines (generators, motors, transformers, capacitors).
These can be used both as circuit-breakers for general protection (of plants, of user complexes, of electric lines) and as protection circuit-breakers of electrical machines (generators, motors, transformers, capacitors). They are used in all types of plants (civil, industrial, and in the service sector) as well as in the equipment on-board ships, in mines, in prefabricated substations, and for primary and secondary distribution in general.

Specific characteristics
All the SACE Emax circuit-breakers except for Emax X1, have the same height and depth both in the fixed and withdrawable version and allow construction of compact switchgear.
They are fitted with many features which mean the personnel can always work under conditions of maximum safety, such as racking-out with the door closed, degree of protection towards the outside up to IP54, an articulated series of safety locks and double insulation.
The innovative structure of the pole guarantees complete insulation between phases and between phase and neutral and ensures full possibility of inspection of the arcing chamber and the main contacts.
SD Pocket is an innovative function which means a PC, even a hand-held one, can dialogue with Emax by means of the Bluetooth protocol. By means of the PC, and without any cables, the following is now possible, for example: the setting of the various protections, display of the measurements including those stored in the Data Logger, to verify the state of the circuit-breaker, know the number of operations carried out, etc..

Conformity with Standards
The SACE Emax circuit-breakers and their accessories are according to the international IEC 947, EN 60947 (harmonised in 28 countries of the CENELEC), CEI EN 60947 and IEC 1000 Standards and conform to the EC Directive:
  • "Low Voltage Directives" (LVD) no. 73/23 EEC
  • "Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive" (EMC) no. 89/336 EEC.
Furthermore, a series of SACE Emax circuit-breakers conforming to the UL 1066 Standards is available.

Training on-line
The e-learning offer covers the technical and product features about our products. Each course includes narrated virtual lectures, with the voice of a speaker, and test modules, suitable to permit the student to check his learning. In order to get access to e-learning courses, please click the links below:
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Reference : ABB (ABB/Low voltage products and systems/Circuit Breakers/Air Circuit Breakers)


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