Electrical Equipment Used in Power Station

       A power station generates an electrical energy by using one of the energy sources. A modern power station contains number of electrical equipments. The important electrical equipments are,
1. Alternator : This is most important equipment. It is coupled to the turbine, whichever type of the station it may be i.e. steam, gas, nuclear etc. The turbine acts as a prime mover of alternator. The alternator converts the mechanical energy received from the turbine into an electrical energy.
       Alternators are generally hydrogen cooled or air cooled. The necessary excitation to the alternators is provided by the main and pilot exciters directly connected to the alternator shaft.
2. Transformer : This is another important electrical equipment which is used to raise or lower available voltage levels as per the equipment. In a power station, different types of transformers are used, which are :
i) Main step up transformer which steps up the generated voltage for the further transmission.
ii) Station transformer which is used for the general service in the power station itself.
iii) Auxiliary transformers which supply to individual auxiliary unit.
3. Switchgear : This includes such a equipment which locates the fault on the power system and isolates the faulty part from the system. It contains circuit breakers, relays, isolation switches, fuses and other controlling devices.
       Alternator gives its output to the busbar through the transformer and proper switchgear equipments.

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  1. The device has at least four terminals, a high-voltage terminal for connection to the high voltage signal, Used Lab Equipment Rental

  2. Transformers are the backbone of every electrical equipment. It is the most important part of electrical instruments. Electrical instrument needs transformers to control the voltage.

  3. generators and transformers are the most important electrical for a power station. Be sure to choose a reliable electrical equipment supplier.