HPL B Circuit Breaker

Maximum rated breaking current 80 kA, up to 800 kV
The circuit breakers for the highest ratings belong to the HPL family of puffer breakers. It is primarily used for applications requiring high rated short-circuit breaking currents above 50 kA. The HPL is ABB's primary offerings for low temperature requirements down to -60 °C.. It provides unmatched switching performance with a rated current up to 6,000 A and a maximum breaking capacity up to 80 kA for all HPL breakers. The HPL circuit breakers use spring drive operating mechanisms to ensure the highest network reliability.
Customer benefits:

  • Designed for Switchsync and OLM2
  • Operation temperature from -60 °C to +70 °C
  • Composite or porcelain insulators
  • High seismic withstand
  • More 15,000 references
  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • Type tested in accordance with IEC and ANSI standards
Downloads :-
- Brochure
- Certificate
- Product guide

Reference : ABB (ABB/High Voltage Products/Circuit Breakers/Live Tank Circuit Breakers)

HPL B Circuit Breaker


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