LTB D Circuit Breaker

Maximum rated breaking current 40 kA, up to 170 kV
with Auto-Puffer for outdoor installation
        The LTB D is a high performance circuit breaker designed for maximum breaking current up to 40 kA with a rated voltage from 72.5 kV up to 170 kV. The LTB D is available for single- or three-pole operation. The energy required to interrupt the current is taken from the arc itself, which reduces mechanical stress on the circuit breaker and increases the network reliability. All the LTB D circuit breakers use spring drive operating mechanism to ensure the highest network reliability. As an alternative for applications that require daily operations ABB can also provide the digital controlled Motor Drive. To ensure a safe and simple commissioning, the LTB D is partly preassembled and tested in our factory. 
Customer benefits:
  • Designed for Switchsync and OLM2
  • Brackets for current transformer IMB optional
  • Simple erection
  • Composite or porcelain insulators
  • High seismic withstand
  • More 25,000 references
  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • Low maintenance

Downloads :-
- Brochure
- Certificate
- Product guide

Reference : ABB (ABB/High Voltage Products/Circuit Breakers/Live Tank Circuit Breakers)



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