Variable Load on Power Station

       We have already seen that the load on the generating station is never constant but varies from time to time as thje demands from the consumers are available. Ideally it is required that the load should be of constant magnitude and for fixed duration which is not possible in practice. Thus as the load demand of various consumers goes on changing continuously, the load on the power station is always variable which has its own effects which are discussed below.
        The first effect of variable load is the necessary of additional equipment for meeting the changing load demand. With increase in power demand, the output of the generating station must be increased which requires corresponding increase in supply of raw materials. Thus additional equipments are required to perform this task.
       The second effect of variable load is increase in cost of production of electrical energy. Generally the alternator has its maximum efficiency near its rated capacity. Now if alternator is lightly loaded during periods of low demand then its efficiency will be poor. In such cases alternators of different capacities are to be installed in the plant so that they can be operated at their maximum efficiency. This increase cost per kW of the plant capacity as well as area required. This also increases production of cost energy.

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