Integral Slot Winding

       The value of slots per pole per phase decides the class of the winding.
                  m = slots / pole / phase
Note : When the value of m is integer, then the winding is called integral slot winding.
       Consider 2 pole, 12 slots alternator hence,
       n = slots / pole = 12/2 = 6 
...    Pole pitch = 180o = 6 slots
...    m = n/3 = 6/3 = 2
       As m is integer, the type of winding is integral slot winding. This winding can be full pitch winding or short pitch winding.
       Let, the winding is full pitch winding. For integral slot winding, coils of one coil group lying under one pole pair are connected in series. Thus the end of the first coil is connected to start of the next coil lying to the right of the first coil. The alternate coil groups must be reverse connected such that e.m.f. induced in them is additive in nature. Any slot contains the coil sides which belong to the same phase. Such a winding is shown in the Fig. 1.
Fig. 1   Double layer integral slot winding

       If the short pitch coils are used for integral slot winding then in each group of the slots per pole phase, the coil sides of different phases exist.

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