Regulation of Synchronous Generator : Introduction

       The regulation of an alternator can be determined by various methods. In case of small capacity alternators it can be determined by direct loading test while for large capacity alternators it can be determined by synchronous impedance method.
       The synchronous impedance method has some short comings. Another method which is popularly used is ampere-turns method. But this method also has certain disadvantages. The disadvantages of these two methods are overcome in a method called zero power factor method. Another important theory which gives accurate results is called Blondel's two reaction theory. Thus there are following methods available to determine the voltage regulation of an alternator,
1. Direct loading method
2. Synchronous impedance method or E.M.F. method
3. Ampere-turns method or M.M.F. method
4. Zero power factor method or potier triangle method
5. ASA modified from of M.M.F. method
6. Two reaction theory

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