MV circuit-breakers up to 40.5 kV SF

Range of circuit-breakers up to 40.5 kV:

  • Fixed switchgear, left or right MV connection, side or front operating mechanism.
  • 3 mechanically linked separate poles, built into a "sealed pressure system" type insulating enclosure containing low pressure SF6 gas.
  • Manual stored energy operating mechanism.
  • Nominal current from 400 to 3150 A.
  • Short-circuit current from 12.5 to 40 kA.
  • SFset: circuit-breaker with self-contained protection chain incorporating a VIP control unit operating without auxiliary supply source

  • Electrical operating mechanism.
  • Supporting frame equipped with rollers and ground fixing brackets for a fixed installation.
  • Keylock for locking the circuit-breaker in open position.
  • Pressure switch.
  • 42-pin Harting type LV connector.

Downloads : 
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Reference : Schneider Electric (Products and Services > MV Circuit Breakers > Indoor Circuit Breakers > SF)



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