Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker - VOX

The VOX dead tank circuit breaker is a cost-effective and reliable solution for substations. It performs well in harsh ambient conditions and requires limited maintenance.
  • Ratings up to 38 kV / 2000 A / 40 kA.
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage up to 200 kV peak full wave and 258 kV peak 2µs chopped wave.
  • Rated for -40°C to +50°C (standard), -65°C to +55°C (option).
  • No de-rating required for altitudes up to 10000 ft (3000m).
  • Internal arc fault and seismic endurance tested.
  • EPDM rubber bushings.
  • Large CT housing
  • Surge Arresters, VT or recloser configuration in option
  • Meets IEC, ANSI/IEEE, BS, GOST, AS, GB regulations.

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Reference : Schneider Electric (Products and Services > MV Circuit Breakers > Indoor Circuit Breakers > Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker -  VOX)

Outdoor Dead Tank Circuit Breaker -  VOX


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