Additional D.C. Supply in Series with Diode

Series Clippers : Part6
       The output of the clipper can be adjusted as per the requirement by adding an additional voltage source in series with the diode as shown in the Fig. 1.
Fig. 1 Additional d.c. supply in series with diode

Operation :
       In such a case, as long as the voltage Vi is not greater than additional battery voltage V, the diode will not start conduction, during positive half cycle. And applying KVL to the circuit we can write,
                    V= V- V
       Hence when input voltage Vi is at its maximum Vm, the output will achieve its peak and will be equal to Vm -V. During negative half cycle, diode will be reverse biased and will not conduct at all. Hence negative portion of the input will be clipped off. The output voltage Vo = 0V Hence the output voltage waveform will be as shown in the Fig. 7.
Fig. 2  Additional d.c. supply

Transfer characteristics :
       Mathematically relation between input and output can be expressed as,
       The transfer characteristics are shown in the Fig. 2.
Fig. 3  Transfer characteristics for d.c. supply in series with diode

Note : By adjusting the value of V as well as polarities of V, any part of the input as per the requirement can be clipped off.
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