Diode as a Rectifier

       A rectifier is a device which converts a.c. voltage to pulsating d.c. voltage, using one or more p-n junction diodes.
       The p-n junction diode conducts only in one direction. It conducts when forward biased while practically it does not conduct when reverse biased. Thus if an alternating voltage is applied across a p-n junction diode, during positive half cycle the diode will be forward biased and will conduct successively. While during the negative half cycle it will be reversed biased and will not conduct at all. Thus the conduction occurs only during positive half cycle. If the resistance is connected in series with the diode, the output voltage across the resistance will be unidirectional i.e. d.c. Thus p-n junction diode subjected to an a.c. voltage acts as a rectifier converting alternating voltage to a pulsating d.c. voltage.

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