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D.C. Motor Library

D.C. Motor Library
          Fleming's Left Hand Rule
          Voltage Equation of a D.c. Motor
          Back E.M.F. as a Regulating Mechanism
          Condition for Maximum Power
          Types of Torque in the Motor
          No Load Condition of a Motor
          Voltage and Current Relationship
          Voltage and Current Relationship
          Comparison between Shunt and Series Field Winding
          Long Shunt Compound Motor
          Short Shunt Compound Motor
          Speed Regulation
➣ Speed Control of D.C. Shunt Motor
          Flux Control
                    Advantages of Flux Control Method
                    Disadvantages of Flux Control Method
                    Potential Divider Control
                    Advantages of Rheostatic Control
                    Disadvantages of Rheostatic Control
          Applied Voltage Control
                     Advantages of Applied Voltage Control
                     Disadvantages of Applied Voltage Control
➣ Speed Control of D.C. Series Motor
          Flux Control
                     Field Divertor Method
                     Armature Divertor
                     Taped Field Method
                      Series-parallel Connection of Field
          Rheostatic Control
          Functions of No Volt Coil
          Action of Overload Release
         Copper Losses
         Iron or Core Losses
         Mechanical Losses
         Power Flow in D.C. Machine
          Condition for Maximum Efficiency
          Current at Maximum Efficiency
Electric Braking of D.C. Motors
          Electric Braking of D.C. Shunt Motor
          Electric Braking of D.C. Series Motor
Brushless D.C. Motor
          Unipolar Brushless D.C. Motor
          Bipolar Brushless D.C. Motor
          Features of Brushless D.C. Motor
          Applications of Brushless D.C. Motor
Parameters Magnets D.C. Motors
         Working and Performance Characteristics
         Performance Characteristics
Testing of D.C. Motors
         Direct Method of Testing
         Indirect Method of Testing
Swinburn's Test or No Load Test
Brake Test
Retardation Test or Running Down Test
         Determination of dN/dt
         Determination of Moment of Inertia (I)
Hopkinson's Test
Field Test

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