Synchronous Generator Library

            Salient Pole Type
            Smooth Cylindrical Type
            Difference Between Salient and Cylindrical Type of Rotor
            Mechanical and Electrical Angle
            Frequency of Induced E.M.F.
            Synchronous Speed Ns
            Winding Terminology
➣ Types of Armature Windings (Part1   Part2)
            Single Layer and Double Layer Winding
            Full Pitch and Short Pitch Winding
                        Coil Span 
                        Advantages of Short Pitch Coils
            Concentrated and Distributed Winding
            Advantages of Fractional Slot Winding
            Distribution Factor (Kc)
            Line Value of Induced E.M.F.
            Slot Harmonics
            Harmonics Minimization
            Effect of Harmonics Components on Pitch Factor
            Effect of Harmonics Components on Distribution Factor
            Total E.M.F. Generated due to Harmonic Components
            Unity Power Factor Load
            Zero Lagging Power Factor Load
            Zero Leading Power Factor Load
            Armature Reaction Reactance (Xar)
            Lagging Power Factor Load
            Leading Power Factor Load
            Unity Power Factor Load
            Open Circuit Test
            Short Circuit Test
            Determination of Zs from O.C.C. and S.C.C.
            Regulation Calculations
            Advantages and Limitations of Synchronous Impedance Method
            Open Circuit Test 
            Zero Power Factor Test
            Use of Potier Reactance to Determine Regulation
            Detail Analysis of Phasor Diagram
            Lamps Dark Method
            Lamps Bright Method
            Alternator on No Load
            Alternator on Load
            Phasor Diagram
            Division of Load Between Two Alternators
            Alternator on No Load
            Alternator on Load
            Phasor Diagram
            Effect of Excitation
            Alternator on No Load
            Alternator on Load
            Effect of Driving Torque
➣ Short Circuit Transients (Part1   Part 2)
            Constant Flux Linkage Theorem
            Analysis of RL Series Circuit 
            Short Circuit Phenomenon
            Stator Currents During Short Circuit

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