Synchronous Motor Library

Synchronous Motor Library
       Production of Rotating Magnetic Field
       Direction of Rotating Magnetic Field
       Using Pony Motors
       Using Damper Winding
       As a Slip Ring Induction Motor
       Using Small D.C. Machine
       Ideal Conduction on No Load
       Synchronous Motor on No Load (With Losses)
       Synchronous Motor on Load
       Constant Excitation Circle
       Under Excitation
       Over Excitation
       Critical Excitation
       Experimental Setup to Obtain V-Curves
       The Value of Maximum Power Developed
       Condition for Excitation When Motor Develops (Pm)max
       Use of Damper Winding to Prevent Hunting
       Disadvantages of Lowe Power Factor
       Use of Synchronous Condenser in Power Factor Improvement
       Performance Characteristics of Synchronous Induction Motors
       Advantages of Synchronous Induction Motor
       Disadvantages of Synchronous Induction Motor
       Applications of Synchronous Induction Motor


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