Types of D.C. Distributors

       It has been mentioned that the d.c. distributors are fed at one end or at both the ends. The voltages used to feed the distributors at both the ends may be equal or unequal. Such distributors fed at one end or both ends, with equal or unequal voltages are connected to the loads. In practice, the loads on the distributors may be concentrated or distributed.
       The loads which are acting at particular points of the distributor are called concentrated loads. The domestic load tapped at a particular point of distributor is a good example of concentrated load.
       The loads which spread over the particular distance of the distributor are called distributed loads. Practically no load is distributed in the true sense. But if number of loads having same power consumption are connected to the distributor, very close to each other then the effective load on the distributor is treated to be uniformly distributed load.

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