Electric Flux Density

      This is defined as the flux passing at right angles through unit area of surface. It is represented by symbol  D and measured in coulomb per square meter.
      If a flux of Ψ coulombs passes normally (at right angles) through an area of Am2, then

      Let a point charge of Q coulombs placed at the centre of an imaginary sphere of radius ‘r’ meters.
      Total flux, Ψ = Q
      This flux falls normally on a surface area of 4 πr2 (meter)2 of sphere. So, electric flux density,

      The flux density is also called displacement density.
1.1 surface Charge Density
       If the charge is distributed over the surface, then the surface charge density is defined as the charge per unit area of the surface over which the charge is distributed.it is denoted as δ.

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