Circuiting Symbols

Electrical Symbols Part 3

Circuiting Symbols

Wiring concealed in ceiling or wall
Wiring concealed in floor
Wiring exposed.
Note: Use heavyweight line to identify service and feeders. Indicate empty conduit by notation CO (conduit only)
Conduit only (empty)
Wiring turned up
Wiring turned down
Switch leg; connects switched outlets with control points
Branch circuit home run to panel board.
Number of arrows indicates number of circuits. (A numeral at each arrow may be used to identify circuit number) 
see note 1

Note 1: Any circuit without further identification indicates a two wire circuit. For a greater number of wires, indicate with cross lines
Three wires in cable or raceway
Four wires in cable or raceway, etc.

Unless indicated otherwise, the wire size of the circuit is the minimum size required by the specification.
Indicate size in inches and identify different functions of wiring system—for example, signaling system by notation or other means.

Some drawings show this method of conductor identification;
Equipment grounding conductor: long line with dot
Neutral conductor: long line
Phase conductor with switch legs: short line


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