Electrical Instruments Library

Electrical Instrumentation Library

Classification of Measuring Instruments 
Essential Requirements of an instrument
Deflecting System
Controlling System
          Gravity Control
          Spring Control
          Comparison of Controlling Systems
Damping System
         Air Friction Damping
         Fluid Friction Damping
          Eddy Current Damping
➣ D'Arsonval Galvanometr
          Torque Equation
          Instrinsic Constants of Galvanometer
          Dynamic Behaviour of Galvanometer
Permanent Magnet Moving Coil Instruments (PMMC)
          Torque Equation
          Taut Band Instrument
          Temperature Compensation
          Errors in PMMC Instrument
Moving Iron Instruments
          Moving Iron Attraction Type Instruments
          Moving Iron Repulsion Type Instrument
          Radial Vane Repulsion Type Instrument
          Concentric Vane Repulsion Type Instrument
          Torque Equation of Moving Iron Instruments
          Errors in Moving Iron Instruments
Electrodynamometer Type Instruments
          Torque Equation
          Advantages of Electrodynamic Instruments 
          Disadvantages of Electrodynamic Instruments 
          Errors in Electrodynamic Instruments 
Basic D.C. Ammeter
➣ multirange ammeter
The Ayrton Shunt or Universal Shunt
          Precautions to be taken while using an ammeter
Requirements of a Shunt
Basic D.C. Voltmeter
Multirange Voltmeter
          Practicale Multirange Voltmeter
Sensitivity of Voltmeters
          Loading effect
          Precaution to be taken while using a voltmeter
          Requirements of a multipliers
Ammeter and Voltmeter
Ferrodynamic Instruments
Electrothermic Instrument
          Classification of Electrothermic Instruments
Hot Wire Instruments
          Construction and Operation of Hot Wire Instruments
          Derivation of Magnification Factor
➣ Thermocouple Instruments part 1 --- part 2
          Principle of operation
          Construction of Therrmocouple Instrument
          Heater Element
          Action in Thermocouple Instrument
Electrostatic Instruments
          Principle of Operation
➣ Types of Electrostatic Voltmeters part1 --- part2
          Quadrant Type Electrostatic Voltmeter
          Heterostatic Connection
          Theory of Heterostatic Connection
           Idiostatic Connection
          Theory of Idiostatic Connection
          Kelvin Multicellular Voltmeter
Attracted Disc Electrostatic Voltmeter
          Kelvin Absolute Electrometer
Advantages and Disadvantages of Electrostatic Instruments
Extension of Range of Electrostatic Instruments
          Resistance Potential Divider
          Capacitance Multipliers
AC Voltmeter using Rectifiers
          First Rectifying and them Amplifying A.C. Signal
          First Rectifying and them Rectifying A.C. Signal
Basic Rectifier Type A.C. Voltmeter
A.C. Voltmeter Using Half Wave Rectifier
➣ A.C. Voltmeter Using Full Wave Rectifier
Advantages of Rectifier Instruments
Limitations of Rectifier Instruments

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