Receptacle Outlets Symbols

Electrical Symbols Part 2

Receptacle Outlets

Receptacle Outlets

Single receptacle outlet
Duplex receptacle outlet
Triplex receptacle outlet
Duplex receptacle outlet, Split Wired
Triplex receptacle outlet — split wired
Double duplex receptacle (QuadPlex)
Weatherproof receptacle outlet
Ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacle outlet
Range outlet
Clothes dryer outlet
Exhaust fan outlet
Clock hanger receptacle.
Floor outlet
Fan hanger receptacle
Multioutlet assembly; arrow shows limit of installation. Appropriate symbol indicates type of outlet. Spacing of outlets indicated by ''X'' inches
Floor single receptacle outlet
F = flush mtd, S = surface mtd
Single special-purpose receptacle outlet
Duplex special-purpose receptacle outlet 
Special-purpose connection or provision for connection. Use subscript letters to indicate function(DW—dishwasher; CD—clothes dryer, etc)
Floor single receptacle outlet.
Floor duplex receptacle outlet
Floor special-purpose outlet
Floor telephone outlet—public
Floor telephone outlet—private


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