Hazards of Electricity

Effect of electrical current on human body

Generally no perceptible
Bellow 1 mA
perception threshold (tingling sensation)
1 mA
upper limit of safe or harmless range
5 mA  
Painful shock, loss of muscular control. the freezing current or ''let-go'' range. Individual cannot let go, but can be thrown away from the circuit if extensor muscles are stimulated.
6 to 25 mA (women)
9 to 30 mA (men)
Extreme pain respiratory arrest (breathing stops), sever muscular contractions. Death is possible.

50 to 150 mA
Rhythmic pumping action of the heart ceases. Muscular contraction and nerve damage occur; death likely.

1000 to 4000 mA
Cardiac arrest and sever burns occur. Death is probable.
10000 mA
Lowest over current at which a typical  fuse or circuit breaker opens a circuit.
15000 mA


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