Friday, December 1, 2017

Motorized Hvac Equipment - Controls Symbols

Electrical symbols Part 9

Motorized Hvac Equipment - Controls Symbols

Motorized Hvac Equipment - controls
Disconnect switch, unfused type, size as indicated on drawings. ''xxA'' indicates amperage.
Disconnect switch, fused type, size as indictaed on darawings. ''xxAF'' indicates from size. ;;yyAT'' indicates fuse rating.
Enclosed circuit breaker, size as indicated. ''xxAF'' indicates frame size. ''yyAT'' indicates trip size
Magnetic contactor; size indicated on drawings
Magnetic motor starter. ''RV'' indicates reduced voltage. Starter size as indicated.
Combination magnetic starter and disconnect switch. Starter size and fuse rating as indicated
Automatic temperature control panel
Equipment control panel
Line voltage thermostat
Low-voltage thermostat
Solenoid valve.
Time switch                 
Airflow switch


Electric/penumatic switch
Flow switch
Irrigation control
Limit switch
Penumatic/electric switch
Photo cell or photo control
Pressure switch

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