Pulse Broadening in GI Fibers

. The core refractive index varies radially in case of graded index fibers, hence it supports multimode propagation with a low intermodal delay distortion and high data rate over long distance is possible. The higher order modes travelling in outer regions of the core, will travel faster than the lower order modes travelling in high refractive index region. If the index profile is carefully controlled, then the transit times of the individual modes will be identical, so eliminating modal dispersion.
. The r.m.s. pulse broadening is given as :

           σintermodal - R.M.S pulse width due to intermodal delay distortion.
           σintermodal - R.M.S pulse width resulting from pulse broadening  within each mode.
. The intermodal delay and pulse broadening are related by expression given by Personik.

       Where Ԏg is group delay.
       From this the expression for intermodal pulse broadening is given as :

. The intermodal pulse broadening is given as :

       Where is spectral width of optical source.
       Solving the expression gives :

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