Semiconductor Theory Library

Semiconductor Theory Library

        Structure of an Atom
        Structure of Semiconductor Materials
                Properties of Intrinsic Materials
        The eV, Unit of Energy
        Crystal Structure of Intrinsic Semiconductor
        Electrons and Holes in Intrinsic Semiconductors
        Conduction by Electronic and Holes
        Conventional Current
        Conductivity of Intrinsic Semiconductor
        Recombination of Electronic and Holes
        Drift Current Densities

        Temperature Dependence of ni and σi.
        Effect of Light on Semiconductor
        Effect of Temperature on Mobility (μ)
        Effect of Temperature on Conductivity (σ)
        Effect on Energy Gap (EG)
        Concentration of Electrons (n) in Conduction Band
        Concentration of Holes (p) in valence Band
        Law of Mass Action for Extrinsic Semiconductors
        Types of Impurities
        Conduction in n-Type Semiconductor
        Conduction in p-type Semiconductor
        Conductivity of n Type Material
        Conductivity of p Type Material

        Diffusion Current Density
        Total Current Density Due to Drift and Diffusion
        Voltage Equipment of Temperature
        Diffusion of Length L
        Measurement of Mobility and Conductivity
                Advantages of Thermistor
                Limitation of Thermistor
                Application of Thermistor
        Spectral Response
        Application of Photoconductive Cells
        Commercial Photoconductive Cells
        Why CdS Photoconductor cells are widely used ?
        Other Photoconductive Devices
        Mathematical Analysis
       Concentration independent of Distance and E = 0
       Concentration Independent of Time and E = 0
       Concentration Varies Sinusoidally With Time and E = 0
        Diffusion Length (Lp)
        Diffusion Currents
        Drift Currents
Potential Variation in a Continuously Graded
        Expression for the Potential Difference


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